Sign it as Proof: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce fanfiction fanlisting


This is a fanlisting for fanfiction about the Angel and Buffy character Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. If that's all Sumerian to you, please see the about page for more information.

A fanlisting is an index of Internet users from all over the world who share enthusiasm for a subject. All who like Wesley fanfic – of whatever style, subject or genre – are invited to add their names and find out who else is a fan.

The fanlisting's title comes from the Season Four Angel episode, 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem'. In this episode, Wesley's lover Lilah demands a dollar as the penalty for his referring to their liaison as a 'relationship', and asks him before he gives it to her to 'sign it first – as proof'.

Fanlisting Statistics

Updated: 23 March 2013.
Number of members: 43, with 57 applications pending.

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