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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce entered the Buffyverse during the second half of Buffy Season Three, when he was appointed as Buffy and Faith's new Watcher in place of Giles. Like Giles before him, he ended up being fired, and left Sunnydale under a cloud of shame. Reinventing himself as a 'rogue demon hunter', Wesley tried to recover his self-respect by pursuing evil on his own. This quest eventually took him to Los Angeles, where he ran into Angel, the vampire with a soul who was struggling to find his own redemption. Wesley stayed with Angel and Cordelia as the resident occult expert of the newly-formed Angel Investigations.

From a character originally introduced as a comic adversary for Buffy and Giles, Wesley went on to become one of the most complex and best-loved figures in the universe. By Season Three of Angel, he had come to share with the character of Angel the role of dramatic mainspring of the series. His hinted backstory, cataclysmic personal life and constant undercurrent of motives and emotions, held together by the multi-layered performance of actor Alexis Denisof, made Wesley compelling to watch and provided a lot of springboards for fanfiction.

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